Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paper Technology

I will be adding links to this page of interesting paper models of technology, as I find them. They will either be 1:6 scale or re-scalable. (Add your recommendations to the comments...)

HISHE: Iron Man...

Remembering the Colorforms Aliens...

The Tron HISHE Rap

Toying with Time: A Lego Antikythera Mechanism

BMX Scene from Transporter 3

The embedded version of this scene was not available.


Star Trek: How It Should Have Ended

Terminator - How It Should End

My Hectometric Wishlist

An ultralite,
A better-scaled snowmobile & jet-ski,
A Peraves MonoTracer,
A Can-Am Spyder reverse trike,
A Polaris Slingshot reverse trike,
A Snow-Hawk,
A Jet Moto,
An Aerofex Aero-X hoverbike (a hovercraft),
A Malloy Aeronautics quadcopter hoverbike (an aircraft),
A Sky Bike,
A Parahawk,
A SoloTrek XFV personal helo,
A Wallis WA-116T Agile autogyro,
A BD-5J "Acrostar" Microjet


I don't play with my figures, I draw them (when I can find the time).

But, if I did play with them, wouldn't Mike Power & Max Steel be a great team-up? Their support crew could consist of a GIJoe-2010 team & Maxines... CyGirls & Cy-clones would be welcome, too.

Time Travel: What to Pack...

We have all seen it before. A fictional chrononaut [time traveller] leaves one time at a specific location and reappears at another time, but the same location. The rationale here being that they did not change their location, only their "time."

There is a major flaw with this rationale...

The Terminator?

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Q Divided by Six: Gadgets Galore!

In this blog, I will look at 1:6 scale vehicles, artillery, body armor, small arms and other objects of engineering; stuff for saving the world (or attempted world domination...). I will also consider 1:1 examples from real life or science fiction that may be of related interest.

Most fully functioning equipment requires an operator, such as a motorcyclist or a knight. Even more to the point would be cyborgs like The Six Million Dollar Man or Max Steel where the operator and equipment are inseparable. So this blog will include equipment operators, as well. Max Steel is representative of this genre.