Monday, October 16, 2017



🕵 (shadow) = spy fiction genre
⌖ (scope sight) = H.A.S.M.A.T.
     ♞ (knight, covert) = A male agent
          ⨣ (crossbow) = A Cody, junior male agents
     ⧬ (femme fatale) = A female agent [+]
          ⟟ (minnow, north) = A Kimmy, junior female agents

♐ (mounted archer) = Armory
     ♘ (equestrian) = male rider/driver/pilot, esp. of powersport vehicles [knight, overt]
     ᚹ (equestrienne) = A female equestrian [lance w/pennon, right]

⌁ (bolt, horiz.) = Technology
     ⚡ (bolt) = An enhanced male agent
     ↯ (bolt, fem.) = An enhanced female agent [⚡+⧬]

Monday, September 12, 2016

Atomic Man & Bullet Man...

I would like to propose the following fan fiction origin for Atomic Man and Bullet Man.

Dr. Andromache was an advanced cyberneticist working for the AT at one time. His prototype was a top secret AI/android project to assist in AT expeditions. When Man-of-Action, Mike Power, was severely injured on a mission, Andromache used his expertise to develop the Atomic Man prosthetics to facilitate his recovery.

Mike's injuries were the result of a first encounter with a budding terrorist organization, COBRA. Because of this new threat, Andromache took it upon himself to arm his prototype with cutting edge technology. That enhanced prototype became... Bullet Man!

Andromache went missing sometime afterwards, and is presumed dead.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yahoo! Groups/Cover Photo Workaround

See THIS LINK for image requirements.

I had a hard time getting a first custom image to load (using Firefox v.29.0.1), but they all eventually loaded in five groups that I own. When I tried to upload even newer images, they were all rejected, with error messages.

I found a workaround that may work with other cover photo upload issues.

  1. Upload a copy of the image to the Group photo album called "Yahoo! Photo Album" If you don't already have one [I didn't], create one exactly as I just typed it. (You have to have your Photos section activated for this to work.)
  2. Retry the "Change Cover" button on the cover photo, choosing the same photo that you just uploaded in step #1.
I had no more troubles.
P.S.: I have since been able to change cover photos without first adding them to said album, so this fix may have just cleared some temporary hangup.